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Organic Cotton Bag
Organic Cotton Bag
We are the leading manufacturer and Exporter of Organic cotton bag & other textile made ups. Organic cotton bags are the best eco friendly products one can get. Organic cotton is grown using 100% natural inputs like manure, vermiculture manure, beneficial insects etc. No chemical or artificial fertilizers are used. This 100% organic cotton is fast becoming the need for the day and is being appreciated by people all over the globe.

Our Organic fabrics are certified by the Netherlands base Control Union World Group formally called SKAL. Some state and governmental bodies also have their own certifying bodies that certify Organic Cotton from their area. Certification processes and procedures may vary depending on the certifying organization, but the underlying values are the same. SKAL can certify the fiber or the yarn. All organic land used to grow organic cotton must be treated organically for 3 years in order to be certified. To be treated organically the field must not be sprayed with any pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers. Crop rotation, manure fertilizer and other earth friendly farming techniques are used.
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